Burgerian Maple Bonsai


Measurements without counting the pot:

Height 18cm

Cup width: 22cm

Trunk base 4cm

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Acer buergerianum Bonsai (Trident Maple)

Species description: Acer buergerianum, commonly known as the Trident Maple (kaede) due to the three-lobed shape of its leaves, is native to China, Japan and Korea. Its leaves are smaller than those of other maples, making it an excellent choice for bonsai cultivation. During autumn, its leaves transform into a spectacle of colors, varying from orange tones to deep reds.

Bonsai Features:

  • Leaves: Three-lobed, with a beautiful color transition throughout the seasons, going from bright green in spring and summer to red and orange tones in autumn.
  • Cortex: As the tree matures, its bark begins to exfoliate in patches, revealing smoother, lighter-hued bark beneath, adding additional aesthetic appeal.
  • Structure: It has dense branching, allowing the creation of a leafy and well-structured crown in the bonsai design.


  • Light: Prefers exposure to full sun or partial shade. However, it is advisable protect it from direct sunlight during the hottest hours of the day to avoid burning the leaves.
  • Irrigation: Keep the substrate moist, but not waterlogged. It is important not to let the substrate dry completely.
  • Pruning: It can be pruned after the heaviest growth period has passed, usually in mid to late summer.
  • Wiring: It can be done most of the year, but it is best to avoid the period of active growth in spring.
  • Fertilization: Use a balanced fertilizer during the growing season, reducing frequency in fall and winter.